Why “Circlespace”?

At a recent college class, where we meet in Circle, I had a guest storyteller.  Our class has been meeting for 5 or 6 weeks now.  The students, quickly form a circle, hand out the plates/values, sit comfortably for the opening and all give a nice check in before we start.  My storyteller/guest speaker has been to a variety of Circles.  He helps with underage consumption panels on a regular basis and speaks to recovery groups in Circle.  Everyone was prepared and when people are prepared and comfortable in Circle, deep things happen.

Our storyteller shared, and I noticed he seemed a bit more nervous than usual.  I think it was because he was basically speaking to his peers.  People his very same age.  I noticed my students silent, respectful, drawn in.  When we did a reflection round after the story, I was suprised a few of the students decided to “pass”.  We put the talking piece back in the circle center and students asked our volunteer a few questions.  I very nice discussion, I was proud of both the students and our SCVRJP volunteer.

Now, the reason for the post title.  Circlespace, a term I made up to describe the wisdom that comes when people speak from their heart.  It often develops its own energy and depth.  I think the Circlespace is a place for people to be genuine and authentically themselves.  It’s the place for your words of truth.

I heard some Circlespace wisdom, in class that day. Our speaker tells the story of deciding to drink and drive, and the death that resulted. He is very accountable in his words and non-verbal communication. I want to summarize what I heard someone say:

“By telling that story, you are saving lives. Regardless of the circumstances that lead to the calling to save a life, by answering it, there’s no greater purpose for a person to have.”

That was a giant boulder of wisdom. I thought of our other volunteers that speak – especially the ones whose children have died. It is answering the calling. I love the term “Circlespace” it is that “space” that creates such wisdom.

Peace – Kris