SCVRJP – Programs that use Circles

SCVRJP uses Circles! I’ll explain our Circle programs:

We facilitate Underage Consumption Panels, in Circle. A recent volunteer shared that at first explanation, he thought “what, this is for little kids?”. As it turns out he said “the process is amazing and can really get to the heart of issues”. We use a workbook to support the process and spend two hours in Circle with young people ticketed for underage drinking.

We use Circles in Victim-Offender Conferencing, when it applies. SCVRJP has used this to address harm in vandalism cases. When topics are emotionally charged and have a number of individuals I use Circles.

SCVRJP has a program called Victim Empathy Seminars – for surrogate victims to meet with a group of offenders, focusing on Victim Empathy. These are held in Circle.

SCVRJP addressed the number one cause of death for young people 16-24, car crashes. By developing Circles.

The program committee met today and we are partnering with local agencies and will start a domestic violence Circle program soon.