Circles create lasting connections

I was waiting to pick my daughter up from work, one of her coworker emerged from the back.  He’s a young man that participated in a Circle with me 2 years ago.  “Jay” was court ordered to attend, and we had to work to get him there.  His worker and I coordinated his attendance, I even picked him up and brought him to the session.

The Circle saw alot of value in this young man.  He was invited to be volunteer and help with future circles.  He had been in the juvenile justice system for a few different incidents.  One of the Dads in the Circle, whose son was there on his first run in with the law, asked Jay for advice.  Jay gave me his cell phone number and thought he would be interested in helping out.  I saw Jay again about a year later, in a Circle at an alternative school.

When our paths crossed tonight, I saw a genuine interest as he approached me.  He asked if I was still “teaching those classes”.  He also noticed that I had gotten my haircut.  We exchanged a few more thoughts about if we was still in the alternative school and how he was in general.

It struck me that he was so interested in talking with me.  My daughter says he is usually shy at work and doesn’t interact with many adults.

This is just one of hundreds of examples I could give about the lasting connections that come from being in Circle with another human being.

Catherine talks about how much more connected she is to students in her school, after being in Circle with them.  The shared “sacred space” of a Circle really connects us to our own humanity and to the humanity of others.  When individuals give a portion of themselves, they recieve the interconnectedness of humanity.

Peace – Kris