Tip of the Week – self care

This week’s tip for Circlekeeping – is to practice self care.  Plain and simple, self care.  If you are a Circlekeeper I am going to assume you have a skill set and value system for helping and empowering others.  Great qualities and characteristics, yet the human condition also has us working on homeostasis and homeokinesis.  That means we are working to stay the same and working to change at the same time.

Homeokinesis is not found at dictionary.com.  I have Dr. Marla Muxen my professor at SDSU to thank for teaching me this.  She was speaking about families, in my “Family Therapy” class.  I guess I was attracted to big words in 1993, for some reason I have “mind photo” of that moment.

Back to the main thread of the post . . . self care.  If we are striving to stay the same and striving to change, at the same time, well that requires BALANCE!  My zodiac sign is Pisces, two fish swimming in opposite directions, so I’ve learned about ‘balance’ the hard way.

The last few weeks have been so busy for me.  As I got to the end of this week, feeling completely void of energy, I realized I had enough.  It was time to act!  I was told “it needs to be more about you, and less about everybody else”.  It became apparent . . . I needed self care!

I’m not skipping yoga this week (I did last week).  I spent some time this weekend caring for my home, I smudged the whole place.  I cleaned out my makeup basket, tossing some old makeup that reminded me of where I used to be.  I restocked supplies, by heading to the grocery store Saturday Morning.  I cooked for myself, making Cajun Guacamole and Roasted Califlower with Garlic and Almonds.  Both recipes out of my latest Rachael Ray magazine.  I picked up lavendar scented bath salts and took a bath, before settling in for a movie night with my daughter.  I kept my food journal, and calorie count.  I did treat myself with a root beer float.  Okay honestly, I also bought new shoes and an outfit!

Do you have examples of self care?  I have to recommend Energy Addict by Jon Gordon.  Great ideas to add energy to your life.  I also love the concept of managing energy, rather than time.  To rank your calendar items by adding or subtracting energy.