What a week . . .volunteer cafe’ & circle training

This week went by in the blink of an eye . . .

UWRF class on Monday . . . talking about RJ Concepts . . . Thich Naht Hahn says Violence in any act that violates the integrity of another.  One of my students, recently out of bootcamp . . . informed us that “Integrity, is an Army Value” . . .”it means to do the right thing” . . . student comments at the end of the circle, focused on how quickly time goes by in class, how much they enjoy and look forward to the class.

Found time to be a “Mainstreet Buttpicker” and blog about it!  🙂

The UWRF Volunteer Cafe’ . . . SCVRJP hosted a cafe’ last August, for the first time in River Falls, area non-profits gathered in the same place to provide a one stop shopping experience for volunteers.  This year UWRF teamed with SCVRJP to offer this.  I had fun, interacting with students, community members and UWRF staff.  We had 23 new additions to our newsletter list.  Good investment!

Lunch & Learn at the Baldwin Hospital, with a Full Circle Story.  That was a good way to start off October, to speak to medical professionals about “healing” & “restorative justice”.

Volunteer Training Circle . . . when young people get excited about RJ . . . I get excited.  I love planting it in their fresh minds!

SCVRJP hosted a 2 day Circle training with one teacher, three community members and five students from an area alternative school.  I love being in Circle with that group of students.  We had tears of joy or tears of laughter.  The Circle process is so amazing, I just love turning people on to facing each other and allowing the good to come from our hearts.

Hosted a Circle at a local halfway house.  It was a really good group of men, three of the 10 had been in Circle before, and even heard the same storyteller I had along.  You could feel the emotional climate, and the feedback was clear.  The men liked the process, they got more out of the format and wanted to be volunteering in other Circles.

It was a very validating week around using the Circle process.

I need to take a breather . . . I let myself get overwhelmed sometimes.  It’s time to pull my energy back in like a rubber band.  I can’t wait for yoga class . . . I might go on Saturday AND Sunday!

1.) What things did I learn It’s fun to get a blog comment from the Caribbean!  I keep learning about blogging.  I learned I prefer to speak to groups that don’t pay SCVRJP.  What I mean is when I am “training” I teach the content and look for learning cues.  When I did the lunch & learn I simply got to share my stories.  I didn’t prepare a thing and they seemed to really like it.

2.) Life Lessons Good comes back to those that do good.  SCVRJP has another new speaker, cases are rolling in and life is good.  Reap what you sow and I try to sow good!

3.) Life Improvements Not a very good week for the diet and exercise routine.  🙁  Did not keep my food journal.  Improve myself each time I engage in a Circle.  Check out Compassionate Listening . . . I improve myself when I focus on those materials.

4.) Success Being this busy has got to be a success I celebrate!

5.) Opportunities for learning I learned so much from the students in Circle Training and I got to know a really cool teacher!  I learned that people really do want to do good.  I had a chance to learn more about my presentation skills at the Lunch & Learn.

6.) Challenges  Managing my schedule, or finding ways to quickly refill my tank once I realize I’m running on empty!