RJ on You Tube and NPR

Yesterday I showed my students at UWRF two You Tube videos.  I thought it would help to provide people the links here . . . and offer you a description and explanation.  I love checking what is new on You Tube, I sort the videos by dates added, so I just check back every few months.  A seven minute video can explain so much.  You can send these in emails and watch them again!

Healing River – this is about 8 minutes long, you get to see some of our Canadian leaders in RJ, and Kay Pranis.  It’s a few year old and is from a video that is longer.  I learned about Healing River from my friend Don Haldeman, he uses the video in teaching Circles & RJ.  Don shared his syllabus with me, he’s one of the reasons I teach now! Hi Don!     





Woolf Within – this is great!  It’s from across the pond, 10 minutes long and it’s filmed with a little edit at the end really showing some good victim/offender reconciliation.  If you haven’t heard, a victim became such an advocate that in May 2008 he launched a non-profit to bring more victims to RJ.      




Our neighbors in MN have been doing Restorative Justice focused on “liveability crimes”  this is a great 7 minutes example of the why, how and how well RJ has been working for them!


I love NPR’s “This I believe” series.  They are on tour with book number two.  Take some time around that site.  My life changed when I read one posted by a Nike Executive, his Mom taught him to acknowledge every person.  I searched the essays for Restorative Justice and found 4 entries, I really liked these three.