Teaching In Circle

I teach one class a semester at the University of Wisconsin – River Falls.  The first class I taught was the Spring semester 2008 and the class that started on September 8 is the second group of students.  Next semester I will teach an advanced class in Restorative Justice.

I love teaching this because we hold the class in Circle.  I have really come to enjoy the look on students faces as I ask them to round up the desks and sit all facing each other.  I like to watch the non-verbal reactions as I talk about speaking and listening from the heart.  I feel really blessed to have been in so many circles that my confidence about the process is so strong.  Maybe faith in the process is a better word than confidence.  My faith in the process is very strong.

We made introductions, identified our values, made a committment to honor the values while we were together.  We assigned opening and closing readings right around the Circle.  I was more relaxed with this being the second class I’ve taught.  I really took the time to appreciate each individual and to know we’ll become quite connected.  I can still picture each person from last years class.  One thing that really stands out is how much I feel I know the essence of their personalities. 

I am going into this semester feeling positive about the process, based on the final papers that last semesters students did.  They had some really super things to say about how they learned in the process.  I think the structure from rows to circle really engaged and encouraged each of them.

The interactive format made the information relevant to each person, since each individual weighed in on our topic.  The students quickly learned that storytelling was alot of fun and they wanted to do that assignment a second time.  I still do powerpoint lectures, and we watch videos, but with Circle we offer a talking round and a reflection round.  When one of my guest speakers didn’t offer as much time for this the students didn’t care for that.  They became empowered in our classroom.

One of the students has informed me that he is friends and does things with one of his classmates.  Apparently a friendship developed in class and he is quite certain that wouldn’t have happened without the circle process.

One thing for sure, the student share this experience together and that creates the common bond.  It’s similiar to when victims/offenders/community members have a process together.  There is a bond at the end because they have completed the journey together.