SCVRJP volunteer resources

St. Croix Valley Restorative Justice will send you monthly newsletters, email  Theses newletters include volunteer opportunities.  We love to have our volunteers self-select what they would like to help with.  We started a FACEBOOK group today.  We’ll keep that updated with volunteer training and opportunties.  I posted a few links to that site, and I will get those posted here.

If you are interested in learning more and developing your restorative justice skills stop by the center and pick up one of our Little Books of Restorative Justice.  Quick reads about the philosophy and practice of Restorative Justice.  We have a resource library at the Center including videos, DVD’s, books and articles.  If you are going to be a community member for Underage Consumption Panels, we have a powerpoint presentation for you to review before hand.  A training piece that is good to watch.  I’ll see if I can post it here!

We partner with Barron County Restorative Justice and can send our volunteers to their trainings.  I am willing to offer 1:1 training sessions, if you want to contact me to schedule something.

I am looking forward to our upcoming conferencing training session.  Let me know what you need for training!  We couldn’t do our work without our community members and volunteers.

Our special group of volunteer speakers, for Victim Impact Panels, Underage Consumption Panels and Safe Teen Driving Circles work with me one to one.  No one is born with perfect public speaking skills.  Even the best speakers and speeches need to be practiced.  I try to help speakers with story telling organization, speaking tips and constructive feedback.  Current speakers will meet with new speakers to help those out that are interested.  Speaking about the loss of a loved one, or the impact of causing a fatal crash takes a tremendous amount of courage.  It’s this kind of courage that results in some healing and peace of mind.  I so appreciate all of our storytellers.  I KNOW you make a difference, people witnessing your strength is inspirational.  Call me to set up an appointment if you would like to become a speaker for SCVRJP.

Everyone on our team is valuable and we appreciate ALL volunteer contributions, from our board members who consider budget and programming to our interns who hang up posters, we appreciate you!