Kris Miner introducing herself

A big part of restorative justice, is relationships.  I have storytellers (or those I am helping to become storytellers) start with talking about themselves, their relationships.  So . . . this blog post is about me and my relationships!  The first person that needs mentioning is my daughter Kylie.  She and I live with our cat “Olive”.  Olive maybe the subject of an entirely seperate blog!  She’s cat-riffic!  Being Kylie’s Mom has been the most rewarding, challenging, wonderful and dynamic relationships of my life.  She really is a good kid and I’m amazed at her wit, humor and bold attitude towards life. 

I’m the oldest child, my Dad’s a third generation rancher out in South Dakota, still on the farm today.  He’s a great guy and if you’ve heard me speak you’ve probably seen his picture.  I even got him to a Circle – and I hope some of those teachers post a comment about that!  I’ll save that story for another post!

I’ll keep my close friends close, by not blogging about them before I ask permission!  The next GREAT relationship of my life is the one I have to my work.  I LOVE MY JOB!  I feel so fortunate that I found my “calling”  I love what I do.  The work of Restorative Justice just makes such sense to me.  It vibrates to the core of my being.  It’s helped me be a better human being.  I know that lives have been touched if not altered dramatically by this process.  I get big and little rewards every day for doing this.  I can’t say enough about how meaningful it is to see people heal themselves and each other. 

So I work on my relationship to my work constantly.  I look for ways to improve the message of SCVRJP, or services.  I read all I can on Restorative Justice and related subjects.  I heard you know a topic better really when you teach it.  So I teach at the University of WI – River Falls.  I REALLY LOVE that too!  Of course I teach “Introduction to Restorative Justice”.  We have our class in Circle.  I bet those of you that know me can’t believe I am 344 words into a post and haven’t mentioned Circles yet!  Next post!

I dedided to start the blog to give more away.  To share stories, to connect Circlekeepers and practitioners together.  So let me get to the task of announcing this!